Your complete guide to the Maxi Classic 160km!

We are less than two months away from the 2019 Noosa Classic!

With that in mind it’s time to look ahead to each course, the Maxi, the Challenge and the Social Classic.

First up it’s the Maxi Classic, a 160km trek through the heart of the Noosa hinterland.

Where am I starting?

You’ll kick off proceedings in Tewantin, a leisurely 5km stroll from Hastings Street in Noosa. It won’t be long before you leave the coast behind though and enter a diverse and challenging landscape.

What will I see?

The Noosa hinterland is one of the most beautiful in the country and not just because of the environment. You’ll pedal your way through ever-changing mountain scapes, enter lush valleys and wizz through historical communities.

Townships such as Cooran, Imbil and Brooloo all serve as a backdrop to the Maxi Classic. These towns offer a unique insight into Queensland’s colonial heritage with remnants of pioneering industry and gold rushes present even today.

You’ll also find more ancient landmarks with lakes, rivers and forests that supported Aboriginal communities for millennia surrounding you as you ride.

A powerful experience indeed.

Is there a King/Queen of the Mountain stage?

There surely is! The infamous Cootharaba climb is back, bringing with it almost 2000m of climbing!

What sort of numbers am I going to rack up?

The Maxi is 160km long over which you’ll gain 1976m of elevation. The KOM/QOM section boasts an average grade of 4%, peaking at 9.1%. Over 3.3km you’ll climb an impressive 144m.

Where can I take a break?

There’s no doubt your legs are going to be begging for a rest at some stage, no matter how fit you are! But don’t fear for we have three well-stocked rest stops along the way.

The villages of Imbil (67km from start), Kin Kin (116km) and Cootharaba (132km) will serve as break points with the first two stocked with water, first aid, toilets, fruit and energy foods while Cootharaba will just be a water station.

How can I practice?

Both Strava and Map My Ride have specially-created courses so you can hit the road on the weekend and start prepping!