Toast the Noosa Classic with the Heads of Noosa Brewing Co.

By 20 March, 2019Sponsors News

Nine years in the making, Noosa Classic event village beer supplier Heads of Noosa Brewing Co now passionately shares its craft beers with locals and tourists alike.

Heads of Noosa is the brainchild of brothers Lance and Craig Masterton and, just like a well-crafted beer, they’ve taken the time and the care to do it right. With a fully-functioning taproom and production brewery only weeks away from packaging beer, they intend to service not only the local market but also further afield as the brewery grows.

The beers are inspired by the nearby rocky headlands of the Noosa Heads. East facing, the Heads stand upright to the full force of Mother Nature and the unbridled swell of the magnificent Pacific Ocean. This dramatic landscape crafts these swells into one of Australia’s finest breaks. Lance and Craig’s nature and passion has always been to turn raw, natural ingredients into some of Australia’s finest craft beers that are hit the spot time after time.

As well as respecting the time-honoured techniques of brewing, they also constantly innovate, with the aim of improving the Heads of Noosa taste experience with every new offering. They support local growers where possible, all in search of the purest ingredients and the finest flavours. “The little things matter to us,” Lance and Craig told the Noosa Classic.  “With an undivided focus on quality, we put the beer first but also have a bit of fun along the way.”

They freely admit they enjoy many of the great ales on the market today, but their passion lies in perfecting and making the most of the humble lager. Fermented colder, typically with a delicate balance that leaves nowhere to hide, it takes a true brewer to nail this one. That passion has resulted in Noosa Heads focusing heavily on the lager style and, more particularly, their unique versions of the lager style. Consequently, you can expect beers definitely a few steps from the norm.

The Heads of Noosa Taproom is now open every Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 11am. The first two beers will also be available in bottles in the coming weeks.