Meet your dedicated travel agent for the Noosa Classic – Lindy Hill

By 1 April, 2019Sponsors News

For the first time in the history of the Bicycling Australia Classics series, the Noosa Classic is thrilled to announce that riders will have access to their own personal travel agent for the August 18th event. We know that the riding is the fun part, but what can be less fun (and often a downright hassle) is arranging all your flights, accommodation and transfers. Lindy takes all this stress away with her complimentary service, allowing riders to focus on what they should be focused on – taking part in Queensland’s premier Grand Fondo cycling experience.

We sat down with Lindy to find out more about what she’s offering, her passion for travel and why riding the Noosa Classic will be the best thing you do all year.

NC: Hi, Lindy – great to meet you! So, you’re the dedicated travel agent this year for the Noosa Classic ride. Tell us about what kind of services you’re offering riders?

LH: I’m a full service personal travel manager, assisting with flights, airport transfers (with bikes), car hire, tours and accommodation.

NC: How do riders go about using your services to make their arrangements for travelling up to Noosa for the weekend of the 18th August?

LH: It couldn’t be easier – call me on 04114 76391 or email me at [email protected] and together we’ll go through your specific travel requirements and I’ll come up with a tailored travel plan to make your Noosa Classic experience smooth, simple and hassle-free.

NC: What, for you, is so special about the Noosa region that makes riding the Noosa Classic a must-do for any cyclist?

LH: Noosa is an ideal holiday destination for riders, partners and their families. There’s plenty to offer both those involved in the event and their non-riding companions – stunning beaches to relax or surf, a range of accommodation for all budgets, nature walks, shopping and plenty of options for eating out.

NC: What do you recommend doing in and around the Noosa area when not out there on the bike?

LH: Surfing lessons would be one, as the Noosa region has some of the best surf conditions for learners in the country. Also taking a walk through the National Park and visiting one of the many restaurants and cafes on Hastings Street would be two of my other highlights. Oh, and also climb Mount Cooroora – the views from the top across the Noosa Hinterland are stunning and well worth the effort!

NC: Tell us a bit about what made you fall in love with travelling?

LH: My first overseas trip was to the Philippines when I was 7 years old. Although I was so young at the time, I loved and appreciated the experience of visiting a country so different from home. Since then, my passion for experiencing other cultures has never waned.

NC: If you could only travel to one more place for the rest of your life, where would you go?

LH: Namibia. The Skeleton Coast is unlike anywhere else on earth, and eerie too with all the shipwrecks that line the coastline just metres from the shore! Plus the people are beautiful… I can’t wait to go back!

NC: Tell us about TravelManagers – what you guys do, how long you’ve been doing it and what sets you apart from the rest?

LH: Think of a personal travel manager the way you’d think of a personal trainer or financial planner – they’re here to help you achieve a specific goal in their field of expertise. In this case, it’s travel. And whether you’re travelling for business or for fun, we work closely with our clients to create a tailor-made trip that’s as individual as you are. Part of the House of Travel Group, TravelManagers has 550 home-based personal travel managers across Australia with an average of 20 years’ experience. Since first opening in New Zealand in 1986 and its arrival in Australia in 2007, House of Travel has grown into the largest independent travel company in Australasia. This means that not only do our personal travel managers have access to amazing travel deals, but customers are provided with the security that their money is secure through the booking process.

NC: Lastly, some really tough ones – New York or New Zealand? LH: Ooooh, that’s a tough one! I love the buzz of New York but the natural beauty of New Zealand. I’ll call that one a draw!

NC: Bush or beach? LH: I’m going to do a bit of fence-sitting again – bush in winter, beach in summer.

NC: Setting off or coming home? LH: Definitely setting off – there is nothing more exciting.

NC: Backpacking round Europe or luxury Asian spa retreat? LC: My backpacking days are over, but travelling around Europe even on a budget would still be my choice. 

Contact Lindy for all your Noosa Classic travel needs on 04114 76391 or email [email protected]