JDRF: Ride The Noosa Classic And Support Type 1 Diabetes Research

By 6 August, 2018Uncategorised

The Noosa Classic is thrilled to be offering event participants the opportunity to ride for diabetes research.

Founded in 1970, JDRF is the world’s leading organisation funding research into Type 1 Diabetes. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the immune system destroys pancreatic cells that create insulin.

JDRF was founded by parents of children with the disease and the organisation is dedicated to finding a cure for type 1 diabetes and its complications through ongoing research.

The 2014/15 Australian census found 158,900 people had Type 1 diabetes, up from 113,400 people in 2011-12.

JDRF In Australia

JDRF Australia is based upon a grassroots model of people connecting with local communities and collaborating regionally for efficiency and a broader fundraising impact.

Their core mission is to accelerate life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat Type 1 Diabetes and its complications.

Fast Facts

  • 2400 is the number of people diagnosed with T1D every year in Australia.
  • 10-14 years is the Peak age range of T1D diagnosis in Australia.
  • $570M is the average annual cost collectively each year by individuals with the disease.
  • Australia is in the Top 12 of countries that recorded an incidence of T1D in children from 0-14 years.

For more about the critical work of JDRF in Australia and to find out how you can get involved click here.