Getting Ready: Four Months Out Our Top Four Training Tips

By 30 April, 2018News

Four months out from the Noosa Classic and one thing’s for sure – the time will absolutely fly by. Life is constantly busier, weeks seem to run in time-lapse, and August 26 will be here in a flash.

Less than 4-months away, the Noosa Classic will be here in a flash! Now’s the time to start some serious training for the August 26 event.

With that in mind now’s the time to plan your training schedule, consider your ride regime, and ensure you’re in fantastic form prior to the Noosa Classic.

Here are four tips to help get you off to a solid start.

Ensure A Proper Bike Fit

As the weather begins to cool and your kilometre count starts to rise, you need to be as comfortable and efficient on the bike as possible. It’s critical to get your bike fit sorted before you commence a solid training block.

Most local bike shops offer a bike fitting service or know someone who does –  speak to one of these guys or girls. A correct bike fit – from saddle height right through to tiny adjustments of your cleat angles – can make a huge difference to your overall training and preparation for the Noosa Classic.

Service Your Steed

How long since your bike was last properly serviced? Mechanical inefficiencies generally creep up on us slowly … you might not even realise but before you know it there may be ten wasted watts or more through your drivetrain alone! While you’re in there getting a bike fit why not treat your bike to a full service and check up.

Banter Amongst Mates: Set weekly hour or kilometre objectives and ride with friends – ideally others you’ll be enjoying the Noosa Classic with.

Make A Plan / Ride With Mates

Find time to train whether it be morning noon or night and your Noosa Classic experience will be all the better for it.

Put together a training plan to work out the amount of preparation you need to do for your chosen distance. Never ridden a century but using the 120km Challenge Classic to help achieve the goal? Work to it gradually – starting with 60km, then 80 km, then the big one, the 100km. Also look at the terrain, hills and elevation you are riding and try to incorporate similar course elevation in your training and preparation.

At this point it would also be a great idea to buddy up with a fellow rider (or riders) also preparing for the Noosa Classic.

Set & Stick To Your Goals

Whatever your method – be it setting goals on Strava, logging your hours or kilometres on a note on the fridge, or making a pact with ride buddies – stick to your individual and weekly targets as you build strength and form in the lead up to the August 26 event.

Stay tuned for more Noosa Classic training tips. As the weather starts to cool – particularly over the next four weeks or so – next time we’ll look at indoor training options and the rise and rise of smart platforms such as Zwift.