Capture the Noosa Classic with Camera House

By 18 April, 2019Sponsors News
Camera House

The Noosa Classic is thrilled to be partnering with Camera House for the 2019 event. As photographers, they love the action, fast movement and the myriad of colours and stories told in each and every moment of a cycling race!

The action and excitement of cycling is unbeatable. Life is fleeting at the best of times and moves faster every day. Camera House experts relish the challenge of capturing moments, and as camera technologies move to match life, the team relate this to our customers to ensure they’re capturing life-changing moments with impact. Much like us and new bike gear, the Camera House team love the latest tech not just because of the gizmos themselves but for how they add value to the experience.

Capturing stunning high resolution, fast moving video with 4K and 8K video technologies is just awesome for cycling. Slow motion video is becoming more and more prevalent for coaching and honing technique, whilst also offering incredibly visually impressive footage. Whether you aim to print your image for display on the wall of the pool room or share via social media, Camera House experts can point you in the right direction.

Just like the local bike shop who will pump your tires up or hold the back of your kids seat whilst they struggle to learn to ride, Camera House staff pride themselves on the relationships they build with customers. They encourage and facilitate usage and participation and train them to be the best photographer they can in a way that suits them. They share in their journey and that bespoke approach is the key to success.

With more than sixty independently owned stores and hundreds of years of photographic experience between them, Camera House customers reap the benefit of accessing the massive national buying power of the Camera House group.

They focus (slight camera gag intended) on what’s truly at the heart of photography – people, people enjoying themselves in a quest for truth and beauty.

With experts in every store waiting to help, pop in your or head to to discover why “You’re welcome at Camera House”