10 Awesome Things To Do In Noosa (Other Than The Cycling)

By 15 May, 2018News

Writing this from Noosa – on a warm Autumn morning with a perfect blue sky above and nearby bustling Hastings Street kicking into gear for another day in paradise – a major problem arises … How to pick just 10 of the literally hundreds of things to see and do in this incredibly diverse region.

Blessed with year-round sunshine, Noosa is absolutely spoiled with good weather.  It seems there’s endless day after sunny day to make the most of this natural playground. Think we’re talking it up? Click on the current forecast and outlook and see for yourself.

With the Noosa Classic taking place on August 26, we think it makes total sense to stay a little longer. With that in mind here are 10 things to see and do when here for the major cycling event in just a few short months time.

Learn To Surf

Noosa is known throughout the world as a legendary surf spot, there are options for everyone from junior through to seniors on 10-foot + longboards. Noosa’s Main Beach is perfect for learners with several local businesses offer ‘learn to surf’ classes as well as board hire. Some offer deals such as two-hour lessons in the morning then board hire for the rest of the day. Wet suits are available but chances are you won’t need one.

The stunning Noosa River looking toward Tewantin and the distant hills.

Hire An SUP

You don’t have to look far for water sports hire operators in Noosa – right on Main Beach and all along the river at Noosaville you can hire a Stand Up Paddleboard and enjoy exploring the river or calm and scenic Laguna Bay for the morning or day. Caution – highly addictive!

Explore The Fascinating River

The Noosa river defines the region. Weaving from a tiny freshwater stream way up in the Everglades, the river makes its way down through Lake Cootharaba (a small boat sailors Mecca) through Lake Cooroibah, down through Noosaville and eventually out into sparkling Laguna Bay.

Several operators offer river cruises and boat hire options – a trip to Noosa is not complete without a trip on the Noosa Ferry or hiring an old-school putt putt boat. 

Explore the Noosa River, hire a stand up paddle board, or simply laze away an afternoon taking in the beautiful scenery.

Kayak The Everglades 

Still on the water – Noosa’s Everglades offer a fascinating insight into the history, wildlife, and unspoilt natural beauty of the region. You will simply not believe you’re just 2 hours from the major capital city of Brisbane. Various tour companies provide guided and self-guided kayak tours of the mirror-like upper Noosa River.

Eat, Drink And Shop

Restaurants, cafes and eateries abound – we recently stopped at Little Cove Coffee, one of Noosa’s most popular post-ride cafes.

Hastings Street is one of the nation’s most famous shopping strips but there’s way more to the beachside boulevard than retail outlets. Bars, cafes and restaurants abound – from completely casual bare foot options right through to white linen silver service. Make sure you also visit Noosa Junction, Noosaville, Sunshine Beach, Noosa Sound, Noosa Civic and Tewantin. Literally everywhere you ride or drive you’ll come across cool little cafes, amazing restaurants and fantastic bars.

Walk The National Park

Noosa is blessed to have a stunning national park right on it’s doorstep – yes the Noosa National Park starts just a few hundred metres from the hustle and bustle of Hastings Street. A visit to the region is not complete without an early morning or late afternoon walk out to the end of Noosa Headland. Tip – take a camera … the views are mind-blowing!

Gone Fishing

Local fishing charter operators offer daily trips to the Noosa River, Laguna Bay and the productive offshore reefs. There are also bluewater fishing options with some fantastic mackerel and black kingfish plus black marlin in season!

Catch a cobia! Black kingfish are often caught in the waters offshore of Noosa – this was caught during a fishing trip with Paul of Noosa Charters.

See Noosa From Another Perspective

See Noosa from a 500 horsepower jetboat ride on a one-hour ocean adventure with the Noosa Thriller. Other than a high adrenaline ride you’ll see the stunning Noosa Headland and world renowned Noosa National Park.

Visit Fraser Island

How often do you have the chance to visit the world’s largest sand island? Not Often we’re guessing. While in Noosa why not hop aboard one of the many four-wheel-drive tour bus operators that offer a 1-day trip to the renowned and world heritage listed island. The adventure begins with a crossing of the Noosa River by car ferry then 80km drive along the beach on the Noosa North Shore. An incredible experience!

Experience a Classic Electric Bike

Although this is a none bike based guide, this one comes with a twist. A local Noosa company hire out Vallkree Electric Bikes for a stylish cruise around town. Inspired by vintage classic motorbikes, these are a must see!

There are literally hundreds of things to see and do when staying in the Noosa region.

Ride The Rattler

There’s an actual working historic steam train operating in the Noosa Hinterland! The Mary Valley Rattler, a steam train journey from Gympie through the stunning Mary Valley, is a must see and must ride experience. The rattler is currently undergoing maintenance and upgrades but scheduled to be back tooting it’s way through the Valley soon.

Oops … that was #11 – as we said there’s so much to do in the Noosa region and we haven’t even touched the surface.

For more details take a look at the comprehensive Visit Noosa website.